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Hotel and catering

Customers of hotels and restaurants are very attentive to the cleanliness and hygiene of establishments. This is one of the main criteria for choosing an establishment. A lack of hygiene can jeopardize the reputation of the establishment. It is essential to ensure regular and daily cleaning to keep the premises clean and healthy while respecting the standards in force, the HACCP standards.
The term HACCP comes from English, and can be translated by the analysis of hazards and critical control points.

The kitchen is the place most at risk of contamination and soiling. Foodstuffs, kitchen utensils, waste from meal preparation, etc. cohabit there. Better organization and impeccable hygiene are essential to preserve the health of the cooks and to offer healthy and digestible products for the customers.

The bathroom is probably the room that gets dirty the fastest but, at the same time, the one you want to stay clean the longest. Water naturally contains limestone and tartar, which sometimes become encrusted and leave unsightly and stubborn marks. Poorly ventilated, the room can also see the development of mold… and therefore, bacteria.

Tips for cleaning the kitchen

Some good practices for impeccable cleaning and disinfection.

Step 1

Post the kitchen cleaning plan to allow staff to be informed of the procedure to follow

Step 2

Clean and disinfect the worktop, hard surfaces in the kitchen, fridges, ovens, etc.

Step 3

Clean and disinfect using a sponge, cloth, detergent, liquid dishes, so-called “food” equipment (grill, whisk, etc.) after each use.

Step 4

Clean and disinfect the floor and hard surfaces by first sweeping the surfaces, then cleaning with water and a suitable product for floors.

Step 5

Provide cupboards or storage drawers for small utensils (knives, spatulas). Put them away after having disinfected them and wipe them well.

Step 6

Check the flow of the pipes and clean them frequently (do not pour grease or frying oil into the pipes).

Step 7

Sort and dispose of waste in bags and do not forget to close them.

Step 8

Clean garbage cans to avoid the accumulation of dirt, germs and insects. The operation maximizes the hygiene of your restaurant.

Housekeeping in hotels: cleaning of rooms and bathrooms

Here are a few tips for properly maintaining the rooms and bathrooms of your establishment.

Above all, you must have the necessary tools for effective cleaning. A cleaning cart consisting of clean laundry, garbage bag with dirty line. You also need sponges or rags, a vacuum cleaner, a monobrush to polish the floors, a telescopic handle, a trapeze broom for wet sweeping the floors and especially cleaning products and many others.

Clean your room properly in three passes:

  • Air the room, put the cleaning products in the bathroom and empty the trash cans, take out the dirty laundry.
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