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A company and an ethic

In industrial and mechanical maintenance, parts cleaning proves to be an essential step in the maintenance process.

The main soiling of parts is due to grease, lubricants and scale. Degreasers are chemical formulations used to remove residues of grease, lubricants and sludge.

From the beginning, Ciel Vert Burkina Faso has specialized in industrial cleaners by marketing cleaning products according to two criteria: efficiency and respect for the environment. Today Ciel Vert Burkina Faso shares its know-how with leading companies in their sector in Burkina Faso and Africa.

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Sectors of use

Agrifood Agrifood

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Energy & power plants Energy & power plants

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Hotel and catering Hotel and catering

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Mechanical Workshops Mechanical Workshops

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Mining & extraction Mining & extraction

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Why choose our products

Our products are latest-generation water-based degreasers and take into account the concerns of our customers.

Ils ont été satisfait de nos produits

Ils sont nos clients et ont toujours été satisfaits de nos produits qui les aident au quotidien à faire le nettoyage et l'entretien de leurs équipements et bureaux.