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Mechanical Workshops

Having a clean, odorless and grease-free workshop is an essential and important element in communicating a good image to your customers. Cleanliness and order in a mechanical workshop is synonymous with safety and good management in the eyes of some vehicle owners. In addition, keeping your workshop clean and organized makes it easier to maintain and clean.

In a workshop there is a multitude of tools, spare parts and others that can make day-to-day work difficult. It is important that each tool has its place. The use of tool trolleys is very useful and makes life easier for technicians. It allows better movement and storage of the most used tools and avoids leaving them scattered in the workshop or even losing them. The spare shelves are also very efficient and functional for storage.

Keeping your workshop clean without dirt involves the maintenance of tools and machines in the mechanical workshop. Each piece of equipment must be cleaned after each operation, which makes it possible to maintain optimal operation. Machines (balancers, lifts, etc.) must also be cleaned and maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Keep order and clean

Daily cleaning of the workshop is essential and mandatory for the health and safety of mechanics. It helps to keep a healthy frame, free of grease and oil odors of all types and facilitates the maintenance of the workshop.
Oil and/or grease can cause inconvenience if not properly cleaned. Dried-in stains can dramatically increase cleaning time for the whole shop. It is therefore necessary to use an appropriate degreaser such as that of green sky with its double degreasing and stain-removing action in order to effectively eliminate stubborn stains.

The use of a degreaser and detergent in a mechanical workshop allows ultra-efficient cleaning of floors. Cleaning solutions revive colors (walls, tiles, etc.) and delay fouling. Some solutions perfume the workshop. They are mainly applied to concrete floors, tiles, machinery and mechanical tools, plastics, etc.

Maintaining industrial machinery

Regular maintenance of machinery ensures worker safety. A well-maintained machine operates in optimum conditions and creates safe conditions for workers.
Regular maintenance means less downtime. Reactive maintenance is time consuming and can potentially lead to serious delays in production. In addition, maintenance makes it possible to better preserve the equipment and guarantee its lifespan.