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Energy & power plants

A power plant is an industrial site intended for the production of energy. It can be electrical energy (electric power station), thermal energy (thermal power station) etc. All of these power plants operate using machines, equipment, devices, mechanical parts, such as evaporators, centrifuges, heat exchangers, etc.

The proper functioning of the energy industry depends on the care, cleaning and maintenance of its mechanical parts which use a huge amount of lubricant and grease. The cleaning of mechanical parts consists of eliminating (degreasing, separating, etc.) all dirt and contamination (lubricants, solid particles, etc.) present on the surfaces of the part.

Maintaining cooling equipment such as evaporators is an essential task to ensure their proper functioning. Maintenance ensures the life of the equipment and guarantees optimal energy consumption. Cleaning the evaporators also preserves the hygiene of your blast chiller as well as the good health of your personnel.

Detergent degreaser for high pressure washing

High-pressure cleaning removes dirt and stubborn stains. It consists of projecting on a surface and at very high speed, hot or cold water to which a product has been added. It is applicable for washing surfaces, facades, floors, ceilings, terraces, but also for washing various industrial equipment, storage tanks, fuel containers, pipes, industrial sewers , etc It is important to use biodegradable detergents and degreasers like ours in order to comply with the environmental standards in force in the energy industry sector.

High-pressure jet cleaning is carried out according to the following steps:


Pre-wash to rid the surfaces of the heaviest dirt. Clean from top to bottom

Cleaning solution

Then apply the detergent or degreaser to the entire surface to be cleaned using a foam cannon, for example.


Rinse the surface very well so as to eliminate the foam and the cleaning products.