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Mining & extraction

A mining operation is an exploited deposit of materials (gold, coal, copper, diamonds, iron, salt, uranium, etc.). Working in the mining sector requires the use of heavy machinery (drill, bulldozer, loader, crusher, conveyor, etc.) for good mining operation. Continuously in contact with the earth, the mud, the mining machines, in particular the vehicles, need cleaning and recurring maintenance. Keeping mining vehicles clean helps extend life, prevent rust, reduce scheduled maintenance times and promote equipment longevity.

Preventive maintenance allows mine sites to keep their equipment in top condition, avoid costly failures and unplanned shutdowns, and ensure the safety of mine personnel. To do this, it is important to carry out the maintenance of the machines, cleaning and degreasing the mechanical parts while using ecological, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. It is also necessary to take into account the ISO standards for the environment (ISO 14001 for example).

Cleaning of mechanical parts of mining machinery

The cleaning of a mining machine cannot be done in an ordinary washing service station. The weight, size and technical characteristics of the vehicle require the use of other cleaning methods and techniques. It is necessary to set up a specialized washing area equipped with a suitable room or support to accommodate the vehicles, high-pressure cleaners, a tank for the reuse of water, suitable washing products, etc. Cleaning must be done without risk of environmental pollution.

A few steps to carry out the clean and efficient cleaning of mining equipment.

Step 1

Cover sensitive parts of the mining vehicle (e.g. electronics) before cleaning.

Step 2

Remove dirt from mining operations using high-pressure cleaning to remove mining waste (dust, mud, etc.) deposited on the surface of the vehicle.

Step 3

Apply the cleaning products, ecological and biodegradable detergent to the surfaces of the vehicle using a foam sprayer, then leave to act

Step 4

Rinse with a jet of water while collecting the rinsing water in a tank. This water will be used to save water resources.